Which volunteering role would suit you?

So you’re interested in volunteering – but which role would best suit you? Take a look at the following questions, which should soon point you in the direction of your ideal volunteering activity, then get searching for a role: volunteer opportunities search.

1. Looking for adventure and excitement?

If you like life in the fast lane (sometimes literally), then sign up as an Event first aid or Support in emergencies. First we’ll train you up in first aid skills, then all we can promise is that no two volunteering days will ever be quite the same.

2. Are you squeamish?

As an event first aid or support in emergencies volunteer., you’re pretty much guaranteed a varied and exciting time. But if you go faint at the sight of a little blood, maybe these aren’t the services for you. In which case…

3. Do you prefer things to be a little more relaxed?

Volunteering for the Red Cross doesn’t have to be all about emergency sirens and bandages. Each of our four Independent living services will enable you to make every bit as much difference to people’s lives, but at a gentler pace.

4. Are you a shopaholic?

If you like rummaging for bargains and enjoy chatting to people, you’ll fit in perfectly as a Retail shop volunteer. We’ll provide all the training and support you need and there’s loads to do – from manning the tills to designing window displays. You could even earn a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) – or a certificate in retail skills for young charity shop volunteers.

5. Are you a natural-born trainer?

If you feel you’ve got a gift for passing on information, then perhaps you should become a First aid trainer. There are few more satisfactory experiences than passing on skills that could ultimately save someone’s life.

6. Would you mind being called out in the middle of the night?

Our Fire and emergency support (FES) volunteers – equipped with a specially adapted vehicle – respond around the clock to provide safe shelter, practical help and emotional support to people caught up in house fires and other emergencies. As a FES volunteer, you’d be on-call for a few days or nights each month.

7. Are you a good listener?

Our Support at home volunteers visit people who need a bit of help in their own home, usually following an illness or hospital stay. If you have a few spare hours each week, you could really brighten up someone’s day just by popping round for a chat, and maybe helping with practical tasks like shopping and basic cooking.

8. …or maybe you’re more ‘hands-on’?

Bring a little relaxation to someone's life as a Hand arm and shoulder massage volunteer– providing gentle hand, neck and shoulder massage through clothing. For those who may be bereaved, caring for a sick relative or facing health problems, a simple massage and friendly chat could make a world of difference.

9. Do you like to drive?

If you have a car, you could become a Transport support volunteer and help someone who can’t get about easily to reach a medical appointment or go shopping. For some people, it’s a real challenge to even get out of the house – and your help would make a huge difference.

10. Are you an amateur detective?

When families are separated by war or disaster, our International family tracing volunteers help search for lost loved ones and put them back in touch. Your role would include interviewing those who ask for assistance and helping to trace missing relatives in the UK or overseas.

11. Do you want to work with young people?

As a Red Cross Peer education volunteer you’d be helping other young people both in the classroom and in their everyday lives. Your role might include first aid training or leading sessions HIV and humanitarian issues. We also welcome volunteers of any age to become Youth and schools volunteers and help promote humanitarian issues to students.

12. Are you good at organising things?

We’re always looking for more fundraising volunteers, and there’s no limit to the imaginative ways in which you can help us raise money. Whether you prefer an endurance challenge or organising your own event, you’ll have great fun and meet lots of new people. And if you know your Word from your Excel, you could come and help us run a smooth operation as an office support volunteers.

13. Do you want to help someone settle in the UK?

Our refugee support volunteers help vulnerable refugees – including unaccompanied children – adjust to life in a new country and access vital services. Could you help someone settle into an unfamiliar new environment?

14. Would you like to advance your career?

If you're looking to gain some fresh experience or thinking about a career change, we have a range of Internships available throughout the organisation - each one usually lasting for 8-12 weeks - that might be just what you’re looking for.